When Boris B published his FPV video  ‘QX-9 - Dark FPV Angel‘ in 2013 the HQDrones team has been hooked on this rapidly developing hobby. The first build followed after

the video, a Chinese x450 frame with a KK2 flight controller, x2212 980kv with 10 inch propellers and no FPV. Yes, flying without FPV was difficult but a good base to start with, many orders went to China for replacement parts.

The second build was the first FPV quad from Hooverthings FLIP FPV with 9 inch props and EZUHF for long range remote control and video transmitter with 1.3GHZ video with a big mushroom and a Pixhawk flight controller for autonomous flying and many more quad and hexa copters builds followed.

In 2014 the blackout Mini-H hype was noticed, a small racing quad from Australia so we jumped on the Australian hype. We had big fun with a small quad. The first build was a original Blackout Mini-H from "down under" with Cobra 2204 2300kv motors on 3S. The flight controller was a Naze32 developed by Timecop running on cleanflight, the predecessor of Betaflight by Boris B and many others developers.

After the long and cold winter of 2015 we build a QAV 500 v2 with gimbal for the GoPro camera stabilisation. We used this one for long range FPV with high quality videos recordings.

Second build that year was a Dquad iniMiniH with Cobra 2204 2300kv motors and Naze32 on 4S. 4S quickly became our new standard. What a power and response upgrade when we changed from 3S to 4S (12.6V to 16.8V).

We found great places to fly between trees and into trees to do races and free-style and we started to setup our own practice race tracks with airgates and flags and clock laptimes.

With all the experience in multicopter building, tuning, maintaining and technical knowledge we started HQDrones. We follow drone racing events and pursue online to find the best products used by the  professional racing and acrobatic pilots. And we fly them ourselves so we know our stuff!

Where are we located?

The Netherlands, but don't worry we ship all over the world!

Our Address:

Kamp 1657

8225 DL Lelystad

The Netherlands

If you have any technical questions about our products, issues with the website or shipping use the contact page or contact us at the HQDrones Facebook page.