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Dquad Addiction X Frame Kit

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The newest member of the Dquad family the Dquad Addiction is here, the long anticipated followup of the Dquad Obsession. The Dquad Addiction X is a middle-weight frame which offers incredible strength. One year of continuously improving the design has led to the point where they are confident that this frame is one of the strongest out there while still being sub 100 grams.




The combination Armattan carbon with high grade aluminum and the fact you can easily swap arms makes sure you get as much flight time (and crashes) as possible and despite its small size there still is enough room for a full sized 30x30mm stack and the frame also facilitate 20x20mm mounting holes.




The camera is well protected (like the obsession) by aluminum brackets and mounting can be slightly adjusted by a slotted hole to support several lens sizes. (optimized for 19x19mm micro cam)




We did not cut corners when designing the Addiction. This results in a high level of detail where every millimeter of the frame has a function.



Manual for the Dquad Addiction

See our 3D section for 3D parts for the DQuad Addiction like Arm Protectors, VTX Mount and TBS Unify VTX Mount


3D TPU printed Gopro mount for the DQuad Addiction 


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