FuriousFPV Stealth Long Range VTX 700mW


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Push your FPV like never before! With max 700mW of long range adjustable video output power.

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Stealth Long Range VTx - Explore New Worlds.


Push your FPV like never before! With ajustable 25, 200 or 700mW of long range output power, the all new Furious FPV Stealth Long Range VTx is the ultimate FPV VTx to push your FPV experience to the outer limits and beyond.

With PitMode technology that allows complete setup and adjustment without interfering with other pilots, and the Stealth Long Range VTx is the ultimate VTx system available today.


Built to perform, the Stealth Long Range VTx utilizes high quality MMCX connectors with built in audio via an onboard microphone, allowing you to keep audible tabs while in flight. Tie in LED Light Strip Control, and you can setup your drone just the way you want, offering full LED lighting customization.

When it comes to setup, we've simplified it to the extreme. Featuring Bluetooth control, setup is fully app controlled with SmartWatch support, allowing the ultimate in ease and functionality when programming the Stealth Long Range VTx. It doesn't get any easier than this, with every adjustment at your fingertips.


For the ultimate in FPV, step into the Stealth Long Range VTx and take your FPV experience to new worlds and beyond.



  • Long range output power from 25mW to max 700mW
  • With an integrated LC filter
  • Built In Microphone for Full Audio Control
  • Light Up the Night with LED Light Strip Control
  • Built in BEC With 1.5A @ 5V 
  • Stress Free PitMode Tuning
  • Full 40 Channel Functionality
  • BetaFlight Setup Ready
  • Ultra Compact for Ease of Install


User manual Long Range 700mW VTx



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