FuriousFPV BigMac Antenna (2 pieces)


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FuriousFPV BigMac Antenna (2 pieces) SMA - RHCP,  Big Performance, Micro In Size.

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€ 34,95


Step up to the all new Furious FPV BigMac Antenna system - the ultimate lightweight, high-performance antenna with SMA.


Light in weight and ultra-compact, the BigMac offers the ultimate FPV video performance in an nano sized layout for the easiest of applications when it comes to micro-sized drones.

Designed to outperform all other antenna systems on the market, the BigMac's design offers optimal signal clarity in a RHCP layout, capitalizing on a 2.2dBi beam with true omnidirectional video capability. Pair this capability with a feather-light approximately 2.5g, and this antenna just kills it when it comes to FPV perfection.


With high-quality video clarity and an 85% radiation efficiency, the BigMac can be mounted with ease, direct to your VTx of choice. Further this with a durable plastic covering for maximum crash protection, the BigMac can take the hits and keep on performing.


Step into full-size power with a pint-sized antenna package. The BigMac is the ultimate antenna that is ready for everything you have to dish out with plenty of performance to spare.


Included in package;

2 x FuriousFPV BigMac Antenna SMA - RHCP.


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