Emax F4 Mini Magnum 2


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Mini Magnum 2 all in one stack in 20 x 20mm package equiped with F4 BLHELI32 35amp 6S and VTX

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€ 99,00


The EMAX Mini Magnum 2 is for the ultralight race quad builders who does not want to compromise on features and specifications. It is a true AIO built in F4 flight controller with OSD, VTX with TBS Smart Audio and 35A 4in1 esc that can take up to 6s all in a very small 20x20mm package.


The EMAX Mini Magnum 2 uses an F4 STM32F405 processor and MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro. It even has built in BetaFlightOSD so you can adjust your PIDS and change your VTX band/channel/power without even touching the quad.


The EMAX Mini Magnum 2 is equiped with a 20x20mm ESC ready for 6s at 35A continuous and 40A max burst. and yes it supports BLHeli32 with Dshot1200 and it comes already assembled. Solder the motors, battery cable, camera cable and an rx like the FrSky XM+ or R-XSR and you’re ready to fly.


Manual for the Mini Magnum 2

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